What is Sport Karate?

After a period
of time in training it is human nature to want to try out your new found skills. Well without picking a fight with your local madman, karate can be difficult to truly test.

This is when
some turn to breaking boards or tiles to test their strength of technique. But to quote Bruce Lee, "Boards don't hit back".

Competition sport karate allows you to fight against an opponent using your karate technique but in a controlled environment with rules and regulations to keep competitors safe

Critics may say the sport is nothing like a real fight as there are rules and therefore it isn't a real test. That maybe true, but the fact is that at National level competition your opponent has generally spent at least ten years training in how to hit you with punch and kick combinations as fast as is physically possible, so they tend to move a little quicker than your average alcohol fuelled troublemaker.

In a competition fight the aim is to out skill your opponent by blocking and avoiding their techniques and delivering yours to the main target areas with good form and speed to score points. This is judged by a team of officials working to the rules and regulations set out by the World Karate Federation. Our AKS Instructors are coach accredited in these rules by the English Karate Federation governing body.

Competition karate although not compulsory, we feel in AKS that it is great fun for beginners and promotes good form, speed, timing, confidence and awareness. Further down the line competition helps to give advanced students the motivation to train hard year after year to achieve their goals. AKS students can progress to join our national level squad with some even going on to represent their country.

Whether novice or master, competition karate is there for all to enjoy!