Pre-School Karate?

Nowadays a number of karate organisations offer 'kiddie-style' karate classes for children as young as three. We do not enrol students until age five.

Pre-school activities can be excellent for a child's development but I question should children be taught fighting techniques as a pre-school activity?

I have been teaching karate to children full-time for over 20 years but I enrolled my own daughter in Tumble Tots until I felt she was ready for karate classes.  I believe that all karate students should have a comprehension of what they are learning and why, along with self-discipline, respect to others and a sense of responsibility - that's a big ask for a three year old who has just learnt how much fun it is to punch and kick. Teaching a child to make a correct fist is like placing a rock in their hand - they need to understand when not to throw it.

Although opening our doors to pre-school children may increase numbers and revenue, we don't believe in it so we don't teach it. AKS does not offer kiddie marketing gimmicks, lower belt grades or dilute lessons to a play activity.

AKS Children's Karate

We provide children with access to traditional and sport karate working to the same nationally recognised standards and grading syllabus that we provide for all our students.

Our classes are great fun for children and provide them with many skills and benefits; we divide our classes by ability based groups rather than age. This ensures all students progress as individuals; it also gives parents access to train in the same class as their children with many families benefiting from free places.

Children and adults training side by side provides a disciplined and unique environment where grades take preference over age. This gives children a true sense of their own achievements and helps develop responsibility.

Our school will always be committed to teaching karate to children but not  'children's karate'.

Sensei Anthony