The Belt Grading System

The belt system is in place to give students an indication of their progress.  AKS has a coloured belt system which operates in the following order:

2nd Dan black belt and above promotion is awarded in accordance with Governing Body Guidelines and the AKS Advanced Dan Grade Criteria

Coloured belt grades are student grades and are called Kyu grades.

Black belt grades are master grades and are called Dan grades.

Students are monitored in class and when seen to be performing the techniques of the syllabus to the standard expected for their next grade level and with the correct attitude, discipline and effort they are then invited to a grading day.  Students will be asked to perform to the instructors a series of basics, pair techniques, kata forms and sparring for the higher grades.

Each section is marked and the students may receive a pass, merit mark or for an outstanding performance, a distinction.  Licences are then stamped with the new grade level and mark received and certificates awarded by Sensei Anthony Barrett 5th Dan Chief Instructor.

Please note a pass is not automatic on completion of the grading.  Students who do not perform techniques as well as expected or with poor effort or discipline may fail on the day.

Beginner grades such as red and yellow belt are an easier introduction to the grading system, as the instructor will demonstrate and give the commands in English.

For orange belt and upwards, commands are in Japanese with no demonstration.  We believe in keeping standards high so the belts are a real achievement of which the students can be proud.

Gradings are an excellent opportunity for family members to come along to spectate and witness the achievements of the students.